Cloaked Arousal Reviews

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Cloaked Arousal Customer Reviews

After watching the masterclass and seminar, I am picking up women on a more frequent basis, and my confidence has been through the roof. Would certainly recommend.

-Tom Alex

I love how the program includes tips on how to perform better in bed, and my female friends do too.

– Xin Chang

The content is thorough and extremely helpful. I am definitely going to try these tips and tricks when approaching my lady friends.

-Xavier Andrews

I have never seen such a helpful guide on picking up and attracting women. I have been using the tricks I learned in this program at the bar, and am certainly picking up more women than I did before

– Tom Lucas

Awesome program that is easy to follow along with. I am so happy I bought this program, it’s worth every penny! Thank you Cloaked Arousal!

– Jose Manchez

There was a great deal of content, I certainty did not expect a movie length program. I Learned a lot thank you!

– Michael Loften

I was amazed on how well some of these tips and tricks worked. There were some that worked better than others, but overall I was satisfied with the product

– Chris Salten

I had some issues logging in, but was given a quick response and the customer service team was able to get me set up. The actual videos were fun to watch and I learned a lot.

– Thomas Siskand

I was both informed and entertained while watching this seminar. I can certainty say my confidence is at a much higher level and I am doing much better when picking up women.

– Abdias Ramos

The videos are well put together, have informative content, and overall was a great watch. I have gone through the material a few times now, and I think anyone wanting to improve their skills picking up women should give it a try.

– Eder Morales